Cedarwood Kennel's Stud Service Information

Minimum requirements for the bitch

  1. Representative of the Breed Type
  2. OFA or other hip certification: elbow certification preferred
  3. Current eye clearance
  4. No history of epilepsy
  5. No external and internal parasites (fleas, tick, worms, etc.)
  6. Negative brucellosis test within 45 days

Stud fee

The Stud Fee is due at time of service. A Stud Service Certificate will be provided with our guarantee of two live puppies at birth or a repeat stud service at the next season.

Stud Service

You will be notified when the first breeding occurs. If an artificial is necessary you will be notified in advance, if possible, and to confirm the vet expense. Please call to confirm the need for the stud dog the first day of the bitch's season so appropriate arrangements can be made and to make sure timing is the best it can be to assure pregnancy.


If you are shipping by air, please enclose all required information for the female with her health certificate in an envelope taped to the bitch's crate along with feeding instructions and any special instructions. We will call you when we have the first breeding. An airport pick up and delivery fee of $100.00 will be charged.

Extended Semen

Extended semen is an option. The Kits would need to be sent to my vet. The kits run about $150 plus shipping. The vet will charge about $200. And shipping back will run about $110 if you use air cargo which is reliable. You will need to check with your vet for his expenses. We recommend progesterone testing if this method is to be used. DNA certificates are provided along with the necessary paperwork authenticated by our vet. For a maiden bitch we recommend a natural breeding.